Choose Your Giving Level


Starting at $15, your donation will help us to buy books to give to children registered for Leap into Literacy or one GED prep book for an enrolled adult student


Your $40 donation represents the equivalent of one section of the GED test for a student.


At the $160 level, we can pay for all four sections of the GED test and congratulate a new GED graduate.


For a Full Student Scholarship, your donation of $199 pays for one GED book ($15), four practice tests ($24) and all four GED test sections ($160)

Your donation helps support literacy services for our most vulnerable neighbors – children under 5 years old, school aged children who are below grade level in reading and adults who are seeking to better their life circumstances through our reading, GED, ESL and Adult Basic Education classes. Donations support our programs, supply books and maintain our Lending Library.

Be A Sponsor

Literacy Forsyth is funded solely through the generosity of our sponsors, donors, through our own volunteer fundraising efforts and from grant funding. Your sponsorship helps us to deliver high quality, meaningful literacy services to our community and the surrounding area without any charge to our students. Our programs demonstrate how we prioritize being good stewards of your donation. We provide free classes, include class materials, provide brand new books to children and address multi-generational gaps with our Family Nights. Our valued sponsors are recognized, with gratitude, on our home page. We offer sponsorship opportunities for each of our events and welcome donors through corporate giving, monthly pledges and one time gifts. We are a registered 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization.